Monday, March 19, 2018

Preschool phyicals

Sorry for the blog post overload today. The Cox Care Mobile will be on campus April 16th all day. Your child can receive the required preschool physical for FREE. All you need to do is call the school nurse to set up an appointment. 743-4810. You will receive the necessary form in your preschool enrollment packet. If your child is currently enrolled in preschool THIS year you do not need another exam.

Be sure to scroll through the posts to see what all is going on this week!

All Star Dad event

All Star Sports Night With Dad!
*This Thursday from 6:00-7:00!
*Hosted in the North Gym which fronts on Public Avenue (Red,
two-story brick building).
*Dads and kids wear your favorite team gear and come ready to
play all kinds of games!
*Gross motor play and lots of time to release energy!
This group activity is for DADS and PAT kids (girls and boys) only! Dad not available? Grandpas, uncles or anyone else can fill in. Moms, you get the hour off! You're welcome. 
Four-year-old preschool packets will be available for pick up. If you have questions, refer to our previous post.
"A successful father will produce a child greater than himself."
Troy Vincent

All Star Dads and Day in K information

First day back from spring break! It’s “that time” of year....BUSY!
As posted yesterday, ALL STAR NIGHT WITH DAD THIS THURSDAY from 6-7!
April 6th is another big event, A Day in K! Due to that event we will NOT have our usual monthly story/play day. Instead, that morning will be dedicated to our soon-to-be kindergartners. Also, registration for kindergarten screening will begin April 2nd. Keep checking here for more details.
Hope to see all our dads and kids Thursday. Get your favorite team shirt ready!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Spring Group Connections

We hope everyone is cozy warm in their PJ's today!  We are gearing up for a super fun Spring semester of group connections!  Please see the schedule below and get them marked off on your calendar! 

Other reminders:  

*Preschool applications for next year are due February 2nd.  You can pick up an application from Ms. Joetta in the office.  Even if you are "on the fence" about enrollment, we encourage you to fill out an application. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline your placement when it is offered to you in March.  The enrollment fee is not due until you accept your placement.  

*All preschoolers are required to attend at least 2 group connections this Spring. 

Clever Parents as Teachers Group Connections

Friday 5th- Playgroup 10-11am (Ms. Mikki’s Pre-K Room)

Friday 2nd- Playgroup 10-11am (Ms. Mikki’s Pre-K Room)
Saturday 10th – Match Made in Heaven Playgroup 9-10am (Ms. Mikki’s Pre-K Room)

Friday 2nd- Story Time 10-11am (Ms. Mikki’s Pre-K Room)
Thursday 22nd- Dad’s All Star Night 6-7 PM

Friday 6th- Playgroup 10-11am (Ms. Mikki’s Pre-K Room)

Thursday 3rd- Cruising into Spring 6-7pm (Elementary Playground)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Attention incoming preschoolers for 2017.  We have been given another size option for t-shirts.  We can now get a size 5T.  The 4 and XS were samples at the meeting. The size 5 is the size between the 4 and XS.  If you'd like to change your size, please email Ms. Mikki as soon as possible.

Friday, February 17, 2017

As your packets indicate, in order to keep your child's placement and NOT be put back on the waiting list, all new enrolls MUST have a preschool physical form turned in by March 23rd. HAVING SAID THAT----sometimes insurance will not cover such a visit until it has been exactly a year from the previous one. Cox Care Mobile visits our campus and will give preschool physicals for FREE! You must call ASAP to secure an appt. for the only trip it will make before the deadline. That appt. date will be March 2nd. Otherwise, you're on your own to obtain the physical by the due date. Call 221-7814 to schedule. A limited number of visits are left!
***If your child is PRESENTLY in our 3-year-old program, they do NOT have to have an updated physical.***

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


One of the many things our Early Childhood Staff feel fortunate to have is a school board and administration who value early childhood education. NOT EVERY SCHOOL CAN SAY THAT! We've had a long tradition of that support here at Clever R-V that began with past superintendent, Richard L. Henson. Thankfully, our present superintendent, Steve Carvajal, continues the tradition.
Earlier this winter Mr. Carvajal approached us with a plan to research the possibility to expand school services to include a daycare center on our campus. We realize there are other daycare opportunities in the community where many families are satisfied and content. We also know, for many families, finding daycare is a struggle as providers are not abundant in our area and often turn families away due to capacity restrictions. In other words, there are plenty of children to go around! As our community grows, our families’ needs are greater than available opportunities. Our school district is working to find a way try to meet needs so ALL children have the opportunity to have care provided in a safe, appropriate, nurturing environment.
As we research our options, we need your input. Please take a moment to answer and return the following survey at your earliest convenience. Simply click on the link below and input your answers. Thank you for your support as we work to provide options for our growing community. We'll keep you updated as this possibility develops.